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Owen Construction

Our Philosophy

Before deciding on which contractor to entrust your project with, we feel you should know exactly who you are working with and how they operate.

We always advise our clients to not hire a company based on estimate or architectural drawing, but do hire them because you trust and know they will do a great job. The pride we take in every step of the process will shine through and you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have chosen the right partner for your project.

Owen Takes Pride in Being the Most Organized and Clean Operation from Start to Finish

We're not afraid to let our clients into our world because we know we take the most professional approach in all we do each and every day. The Owen Construction difference is we invite every one of our prospective clients to visit us to see how we operate.

When you visit our job site, or even drop by our office, you will find it clean, neat and organized. You will be greeted as a friend and we'll take the time to answer any questions you have. Come spend an hour with us – because the investment will be well worth the time.

Open-Book Cost Transparency

Our management team believes in complete transparency by following an open-book policy in every step of the project from budgeting and costs to materials. It is through this belief that we are truly able to earn the complete confidence and trust of our valued clients. Other construction companies won't let you see their books, but we know that our clients value our openness and we share with them the costs we incur.

Superior Quality

We have the utmost confidence in our superior quality above all else. Taking their cue from owner Mike Owen, a known stickler for perfection, every person on the job strives to adhere to his high standards. With his hands on approach, you will find Mike involved in every client meetings in addition to working the job site.